A new month ! Let’s see what April has to offer !

1st of April : April Fool’s Day ! Haha !

2nd of April : World Autism Awareness Day. Organisations around the world raise awareness and plan fundraising events !

4th of April : Easter Sunday. Enjoy the Easter egg hunt !

5th of April : Easter Monday. Enjoy the chocolate !

7th of April : World Health Day. This day marks the founding of the World Health Organisation in 1948 !

15th of April : Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

19th – 30th of April : The Big Pedal ! Schools all across the UK compete in a cycling, walking, wheeling and scooting competition. They must get as many pupils, teachers, gardians and parents to cycle, walk and more to school !

21st of April : The Queen’s Birthday. Did you know she celebrates two birthdays ? Her real birthday is in April, but her official one is celebrated in June !

22nd of April : Earth Day. The world shows love and appreciation to Planet Earth and it’s environment !

23rd of April : Saint George’s Day. Saint George is the patron saint of England as well as many other countries. Unlike Saint Patrick’s day, Saint George’s Day is not a national holiday.

23rd of April : World Penguin Day. Let’s all celebrate penguins from around the world !

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